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Part 3

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Previously we have discussed the overview on the project cost estimation structure & cost of hiring a full team, now lets discuss a about other costs and summarise it.


There are other cost you need to consider as well such as app stores cost, server hosting, domain name, SMS gateway, payment gateway, google maps API, and etc.

Let’s calculate how much the development of an food delivery app would cost with a remote team.

A basic food delivery app platform would consist the following:

  1. A User app for user to browse food and place order.
  2. A Restaurant app for the restaurant staff to receive order.
  3. A Delivery app for delivery person to receive order detail.
  4. A Restaurant web portal for restaurant owner to setup their store and menu.
  5. An Admin web portal for the platform administrator to manage the platform.
Other Costs
Google Play Account:
USD 25.00 on sign up
Apple Developer Account:
RM 399.00 annually
Server Hosting:
Starts from RM 2,000.00 and above annually for VPS
Domain Name(s):
Start from RM 50.00 and above for available domain
depends on the domain extension
SMS gateway (If applicable):
Start from RM 0.20 per sms
Payment gateway (If applicable):
Depends on provider
Google maps API (If applicable):
Depends on usage
Team Members
App Developer: RM 8,000.00
Web Backend Developer: RM 10,000.00
Web Frontend Developer: RM 7,000.00
Team Lead with 6 years experience: RM 12,000.00
Development Timeline 4-6 Months
Team Cost: RM 148,000.00 to RM 222,000.00
Outsource UI/UX: RM 4,000.00 to RM 10,000.00
Start up equipments: RM 30,000.00 to RM 45,000.00
Remote Work Allowance: RM 6,000.00 to RM 18,000.00


To hire a team, plus purchase basic equipments to start the development will starts from RM 188,000.00.

These are the costs of a remote development team without taking into account any other costs that might incur at a later stage.

This is assuming that there is a very minimal change from the initial requirements planning during the development stage. Changing of modules or features that have been already developed will incur more timeline than expected which will push the development costs more than the expected budget.

As you can see it's not that simple to have your own team to develop your project, why not let us help you on this?

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Others considerations

There are many factors that may affect the costs, you may want to consider the following as well.

  • How will you find replacement if a team member is leaving?
  • Always changing requirements and scope during development
  • How are you going to protect your source codes?
  • Number of app features or module
  • The complexity level of app features
  • Backend infrastructure and APIs Complexity
  • The complexity level of UI Design
  • Experience of developers working on the project
  • Development Approach and Tech Stack (Native app or hybrid app)
  • Number of apps and platforms to be developed