Content Uploading Pack

Don’t feel like doing it yourself?

Good news! We provide content upload service too!

To enable flexibility of our service, we do not simply say it, we actually consider what are the possible option we could provide to our customer in different direction.

Thus, we’re providing content uploading service to our customers as well, are we understand, there might be cases where you might want someone to help you get the job done for you. You can always have us do it for you.

It can be pages, posts, products, sliders, slides, or forms.


Before we can help you, you will need to prepare your content in a word document with a proper format. We’ve prepare a sample for you refer to on how to prepare a content document and sent it to us, and we will upload the content for you.


Following are some frequently ask questions:


Before You Purchase

How to prepare the content?

Haven’t prepare you content yet and not sure how to start?
We got you covered, visit How To Prepare Your Content page for more information on how to prepare your content or Contact us to have one of our agent to assist you.


If you do not already have the content ready at the current stage, you can always purchase this pack first, then email us the content later when it’s ready.

Do you prepare the website content for us?

No, the content must be prepare at your side

There are many ways to prepare the content, you can hire a copywriter to write the text, and a photographer to take photos of your products/services.

If you would prefer to do it yourself, you can follow on of our guide on how to prepare the content.

Not sure about this? Contact us for more information.

What is a data entry or content uploading?

After the website CMS has been setup, you will need to upload your content to your website, thus it must be done by someone manually either you can do it yourself, or hire us to do it for you.

The job scope will be covering images conversion to web-format size and resolution, uploading the images to the website, laying out the content e.g. text & images using proper elements to present the content nicely, and etc.

By default, our pro and ultimate plans all comes with complimentary data entry range from 10 to 30 pages.

Please visit our terms & conditions for more information.