By signing up WebSupport Plan, General Website Software, and Technical Support are included. It covers access to our support ticket system, support for quick how-to question, about our website plan’s system, such as features, settings, and more.


WebSupport Include:

  • General & Technical Support
  • Access to Ticketing System


Upon signing up any of our website subscription plan, it comes with 30 days for starter plans | 60 days for Pro Plan | 90 Days for One off Plan of complimentary support coverage which cover on providing quick how-to questions to help our customer to setup their content using the content management system (Website Software), and technical support.


By signing up our WebSupport plan, you can extend the support and get more coverage such as accessing our support ticket system, technical support & (how-to) general support within our working hour 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


This plan does not include system maintenance and backup services. If you would like to have that cover, have a look at WebCare plan instead.

When can you sign up for the WebSupport plan?


  • You’ve already subscribe to one of our website plan or have purchased an one off our website plan with us. You can then purchase our WebSupport Plan to be attach to one (1) of your website plan.

Remark: As technologies are evolving fast, we may change the coverage or the support and services, be sure to check out our terms and conditions page for more information.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact us get more information about our WebCare Plan.


Here are some question you may ask about WebCare.

What is general support?

By general support we are referring to the following scope:

  • Scope of the coverage will be none technical, which covers the scope on how-to, about our product, plugin, and more.
  • Quick question on how-to perform or do something, such as “How to i change the color of the button?”, “How do i add menu item?”, How do i upload my logo?” and etc.
  • Generally focus on providing support on helping the users on how to do something or general information about a product or service.

What is a technical support?

By technical support we are referring to the following scope:

  • Scope of the technical support will include debug, troubleshooting, error analysis , and etc. related to the particular website plan attach to the WebCare Plan only.
  • Technical Support does not cover out of the particular website plan attach to the WebCare Plan.

What is Backup & Restore?

By Backup & Restore we are referring to the following service scope:

  • We will perform backup for the particular website plan attache with the WebCare.
  • Backup service will be execute between 7-10th of the month.
  • Backup Scope will be as following:
    • Database Backup
    • Website’s Source Code (e.g. system, plugins)
  • Restore service will be execute upon request from the client if the website has been damage by third party attack such as hacker, or compromised causing the website layout, setting, content to be out of alignment or damaged.
  • Restoring of the website will be using the most recent copy of the website’s backup.
    • If the data is backup on 7th of the month and the website is damage on 25th of the month, the data in between 7th to 25th will not be cover as the backup was perform on 7th.
    • We can in no way to be responsible for any damage or losses cause by the event in any circumstance.
    • If our customer would like a more frequent backup, please contact us for a custom quotation base on the service scope.

What is system maintenance?

By system maintenance we are referring to the following scope:

  • Core system (CMS) update (When available)
  • Plugins update (When available)
  • Compatible issue checking, troubleshooting, and debug

Can i purchase the support plan to my existing plan?

Yes, you can. Simply select one of the support plan, and provide the website’s url of the website plan with us, and we will have that website plan cover with the support plan you subscribe.

When can i get access to support?

Generally our working hour will be from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluded any public holiday, or any special event for our company (if any).

Our Time zone: UTC +8 | Malaysia

Working Hours: 9am to 5pm | Monday to Friday

Close on Public Holiday: Malaysia Public Holidays

You can always submit a support ticket, and we will help you to resolve your issue in no time.

Do i need to make payment every month?

Yes, by default when you subscribe to any of the support plan, it will be automatically renew every month until you cancel the subscription of the support plan.

This mean that every month, your will receive your renewal order for the support plan, and the card you used to subscribe to the plan will be charge automatically.

You do not have to worry on making manual payment every month, we’ve got that taken care of.


Can i cancel the subscription of the support plan?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription any time you like, just go to your Subscriptions page and cancel the support plan subscription.